Australasia's Leading Retail Consultants

As recognised experts in retail and consumer behaviour, our work is helping leading brands and destinations interpret opportunity, drive performance and mitigate risk.

Retail Consultants

First Retail Group are experienced, innovative retail consultants, planners and strategists.  Our experts work across a diverse range of categories and disciplines, delivering practical, performance oriented solutions that enable clients to realise greater potential and return from their operations and marketplace.

We bring unique, experience-led perspective to every project. Our knowledge and expertise spans the pillars of best-practice and continued evolution in retail including: omni-channel, merchandise, personnel, consumer behaviour, customer experience, supply chain, property & marketing. 

We’re committed, long-term partners. Working closely with clients’ we develop a comprehensive understanding of their marketplace, needs and opportunities,  then deliver on-target solutions, implementation timetables, enablement and continued support to drive improvement and performance.

First Retail Group Retail Consultancy Experts

We’re recognised as leaders in developing and enabling solutions for success and endurance across the retail, hospitality, healthcare, leisure and tourism sectors. Combining extensive commercial experience, marketplace knowledge and performance data we work to identify opportunities then develop and enable concise planning that realises our clients’ economic and social objectives.

Working with corporates, private and public organisations, our award-winning strategy has included market development, business growth and transformation, recovery and resilience, town, city and shopping centres and other solutions to develop opportunity, drive performance and manage risk. 

With decades of practical experience, we understand the fundamentals of people, operational and commercial performance – and how best to apply these across a broad range of organisations. 

Our collaborative approach enables us to work closely within your business, alongside supply and property partners vital in success – and your marketplace – helping interpret potential, and understand challenges. We’ll map strategies for measurable improvement – supporting change and transformation in your people, processes and delivery.

Our team are experienced in the analysis and the interpretation of market trends – helping identify operational and economic risk.  We can assist organisations navigate and mitigate challenges through both strategic and responsive approaches.

We’re adept at interpreting trends, opportunity and challenge in consumer markets. That’s why we’re trusted by corporates, businesses and financial organisations, Councils and Government to provide experience-led insight that provides the decision collateral to steer investment.

Over the past decade we’ve contributed expertise to conferences, events and media articles across the globe. 


  • Retail Strategy and Planning
  • Performance and Risk Management
  • Category Development
  • Digital and E-Commerce Strategies
  • Industry Knowledge & Analytical Insight
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Customer Journey and Experience
  • Franchising Strategies
  • Change and Transformation Programmes
  • Strategic Quick Wins 
  • Information and Insight