Museum Retail Strategy

Our work helps align economic imperatives with cultural objectives through compelling retail and hospitality visitor experiences - delivered respectfully and memorably.

Museum Retail Strategy

First Retail Group work extensively in the arts, culture and heritage space, helping iconic museums, galleries and expos develop and transform their retail and hospitality offers, explore wider commercial opportunities and enhance visitor experiences.

Our team understand the challenges in balancing cultural and curatorial objectives with commercial imperatives – creating solutions that support economic sustainability and greater relevance for existing and future audiences.

Combining expertise in retail, hospitality, leisure and tourism, we help cultural destinations develop their role and benefit within a town, city or regional context – supporting economic development and amenity value for local authorities and government organisations.


  • Museum Planning and Strategy
  • Hospitality Planning and Strategy
  • Visitor Insight and Experience
  • Store layout & Merchandising Strategies
  • Digital and E-Commerce Strategies
  • Concept Development
  • Category Development
  • Performance Improvement