Exceptional Customer Experiences

We help customer-focused brands and destinations to understand shopper sentiment, potential audiences, attract visitation, boost spend & gain customer advocacy.

Customer Insight & Experience

In today’s competitive marketplace, shoppers increasingly prioritise customer-focused, differentiated destinations. Our insight & experience services help organisations align with opportunity and gain competitive edge.

We work to understand current and potential audiences – determining needs, expectations and aspirations to assist consumer-facing sectors become even more relevant, customer-centric – and successful.

First Retail Group are specialists in developing experiential consumer propositions through the creation of authentic, signature customer interactions and environments and cultures that people want to be a part of. 

Our customer insight & experience clients include well-known consumer brands, franchises, retailers,  hospitality, tourism and  healthcare, shopping centres, towns and cities.

It starts by understanding the needs of existing and potential customers. First Retail Group are experienced in developing consumer insight across channels including user group forums, shopper surveys, digital tools and observational information capture. We capture the insight that helps determine key priorities and actions for performance improvement.

We consider at all touchpoints with an organisation – both physical and digital – to understand the customer journey and user experience. Our experts then develop and enable strategies to remove complexity and friction in consumer interactions – supporting quality experiences and increasing sales conversion.


  • Consumer Insight 
  • Customer Surveys
  • Customer Journey & UX Mapping
  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Organisational Change Management 
  • Customer-facing Staff Training
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Mystery Shoppingustomer