Covid-19 Update | February 2022

First Retail Group has been involved with a number of key projects supporting COVID-19 economic and operational response and risk mitigation across consumer-facing sectors and environments. This work has kept us close to the developments around the continuing COVID-19 situation and we are adapting our business policies and safety practices as appropriate.
The health and safety of our team, our clients, suppliers and the communities we work in are of the utmost importance. First Retail Group is a Vaccinated Business, with all our staff being fully vaccinated. This reflects by our goal to maximise Health & Safety for our people and those we work with.

Vaccine Pass

Our office is operating as a Vaccine Pass Business. This means that it is a requirement for visitors to present their My Vaccine Pass or official exemption upon entry.  
We are choosing to operate as a Vaccine Pass business, to maximise safety for our team, our clients and suppliers, and to reduce risk of Covid-19 entering our business and disrupting our operations, so we can maintain service continuity for the projects we deliver.
We are following all other health and safety protocols required under the COVID-19 Protection Framework. 
Both our Vaccine Pass settings under the Framework, and our general COVID-19 Health and Safety protocols are reviewed regularly and any changes will be updated here, on our website and shared with our clients. 
We appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to working safely with with our clients, their stakeholders and suppliers now and in the months ahead.