Working together for a better City Centre

We want to hear your ideas

Throughout May and early June, we will be collaborating with CBD businesses to paint a comprehensive picture of the area. This will help the RiverLink team understand how to effectively plan and manage construction work, reducing impacts on businesses and their customers.

Our aim is to work together with businesses to minimise disruption, allowing for seamless progress while maintaining a thriving local economy.

What are up to?

Imagine a bustling CBD filled with vibrant businesses, a hub of activity that draws visitors from far and wide. It’s a place that’s alive with energy, and it’s essential to ensure that it continues to thrive. That’s where this work comes in. Our goal is to maintain and increase visitation to this area, so it remains a top priority and preference for locals and visitors.

We want to help grow the amount of money spent here to support commercial sustainability throughout and beyond the RiverLink project. With a better understanding of businesses’ needs and opportunities we can ensure that this area remains a vibrant and thriving destination for years to come. 

What do we want to achieve together?




Ensuring the CBD and its business retain visitation, priority and preference – maintaining and growing spend to support continued commercial sustainability

Ensuring consumers and the community remain actively engaged with, and supportive of the CBD ahead of, throughout, and beyond construction works

Protecting the economic and social fabric of the city centre by retaining and attracting businesses, employment, relevance and visitation within this area.

Ways to share your ideas

Let’s meet up to hear your ideas. We’ll be in touch soon to see when it suits you best.

Catch up at an informal cafe session. We’ll be sharing details of these here, closer to the time

Complete a quick survey here or share ideas by email at